What is FillingGaps? 

FillingGaps is an online directory which allows you to search for and compare local dental professionals to find the one who is right for you.

FillingGaps was started by a group of dentists who realised that it was not easy for patients to compare and book a dentist depending on what is important to the patient (e.g. location, availability, reputation or price range).  Dentists have been slow to adapt to the online world and many do not even have an online presence. This is unfortunate because often these Dentists are some of the best!
FillingGaps encourages all Dentists to get online in one place so they can showcase their practice and make their details available to you, so that you can compare Dentists and choose the right one for you.
Instead of scanning through online listings or newspaper advertisements or relying on word of mouth, you can now access information about all the Dentists in your area at FillingGaps.  Whether you are looking for a high-end cosmetic Dentist, an after-hours emergency Dentist, or a family friendly dental practice, you can find them at FillingGaps. 
What is more....now you even have access to a group of New Zealand trained Dentists and Specialists willing to give you free answers to any questions you may have. We hope this will make selecting a Dentist, treatment or having access to an unbiased second opinion, that much easier.

Information & reasons for Dentists to sign up

FillingGaps allows Dentists, Dental Specialists and Technicians to showcase who they are & make their practice visible to patients searching for a new (or their existing) local dentist online.

Increasingly New Zealand patients are resorting to online searches when looking for service providers, yet only half of dental professionals have a website (or one that can be found).  The few Dentists that have kept up with trends are reaping the benefits of putting their practices in front of these patients looking for Dentists online.  If you have no online presence, you will miss out.

Benefits of signing up:

  • FillingGaps is a cost effective marketing opportunity for your practice, allowing you to raise your online profile to attract new patients and making it easier for existing patients to contact you

  • You can use FillingGaps to advertise your services and showcase what you choose, such as qualifications, awards, team, price range, location and more

  • If you already have a website, you can create a link between your profile on FillingGaps and your website, making you even more visible on Google 

  • FillingGaps allows single dentist practices to compete alongside big corporate practices by giving patients the opportunity to compare ‘apples with apples’
  • FillingsGaps is constantly looking at new features that will benefit Dentists. We have just released one of many new features: Online Booking. Dentists can now combat their last minute cancellations and fill empty chairs by making their availability visible online to new and existing patients. This service allows Dentists to be found and booked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information about FillingGaps, or to get your profile listed, contact us: