Kowhai Dental

Kowhai Dental

Phone: 09 430 0707

  • Location: 61 Maunu Road, Whangarei
  • Email:
  • Website: www.kowhaidental.co.nz


  • General Dentist


  • Consultation/Examination
  • Scheduled examination (recall)
  • Dental clean/Hygienist
  • Second opinion/treatment cost estimate
  • Dentures/False teeth
  • Fillings/restorations
  • Crown/cap/bridge
  • Root canal

Kowhai Dental 

Kowhai Dental is a practice committed to enhancing the dental health of the Northland region, they provide excellent quality and affordable dental care ("cheapest in town"). The practice is comfortable and friendly, aiming to make anxious patients feel at ease.

Kowhai Dental believes in providing tailored treatment programs for each and every patient, the staff are caring and welcoming too, helping achieve the friendly atmosphere they provide. 

Kowhai Dental Team:

Dr. Jeffery Joy - Lead Dentist
Jeffery studied at the University of Southern California, he has owned and operated practices in the USA before moving to NZ in 2007. Jeff has experience in advanced root canals and complex restorative treatments and cosmetic dental.

Dr. Bruce Sanson - Lead Dentist
Bruce graduated from the University of Otago in 1982, and has worked in the UK, and around NZ. Bruce strives to make all dental care affordable and gentle, he enjoys giving personalised attention to his patients. 

Dr. Cindy Miller - Dentist
Cindy graduated from the University of Southern Illinois in 2000, and has been working in private practice since, she has training in advanced cosmetic, endodontic, and complex restorative treatments. 

Julie Cowan - Dental Hygienist
Julie studied at the Canadian Institute of Dental Hygiene in 2010, but has been working in dentistry since 2006. She loves to inspire people to improve their dental health. 

Sian Weatherby - Dental Hygienist
Sian has been working in dentistry since 2005, she studied at the Dental Hygiene School in Liverpool, she offers the highest standard of care for patients. 

Kowhai Dental Services:

Kowhai Dental provides high quality dental services to patients including; 

Fillings, examinations, scale and polish, hygiene, crowns, root canals and dentures.

Kowhai Dental Pricing:

Cleaning and Exams;
Exam (2 x-rays, regular scale and polish): $99
Exam (scale and polish): $79
Deep Cleaning (anaesthesia): $96 -169

Base Metal Crowns: $698
Gold Crowns: $1078
Porcelain fused to Metal Crowns: $912

Amalgam (1 surface): $116
Amalgam (4 surfaces): $169
Composite (1 surface): $129
Composite (4 surfaces): $206

Root Canals (excluding final restoration);
Front Tooth (1): $482
Molar Tooth (4): $734

Acrylic partial denture (up to 6 teeth and clasps): $540
Acrylic partial denture Premium (up to 6 teeth and clasps): $921
Acrylic and cast metal partial denture (up to 6 teeth and clasps): $1290
Acrylic and cast metal partial denture Premium (up to 6 teeth and clasps): $1998
Full upper and lower dentures: $1708
Full upper and lower dentures Premium: $3244

Kowhai Dental Opening Hours:

Monday: 8.15am - 4.30pm
Tuesday: 10am - 6pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 8.15am - 4.30pm
Friday: 8.15am - 12.30pm