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Wanganui Denture Design

Wanganui Denture Design

Phone: 06 3489489

fax: 06 3452755


  • Clinical dental technician/Prosthetist


  • Consultation/Examination
  • Second opinion/treatment cost estimate
  • Dentures/False teeth
  • Mouthguard
  • WINZ quote
  • Special Deals

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Wanganui Denture Design

At Wanganui Denture Design we want to provide you with a skilled prosthetic technician, an expert that has all the training an expertise required of modern prosthetics. Wanganui Denture Design gives you access to prosthetics of the highest quality and best fit. 

We offer a complete range of prosthetics services: dentures and false teeth, implant overdentures, face-lift denture procedures and specialised tailored sports mouth-guards. With our computerized denture technology we can promise digital accuracy and superior fitting of dentures so you get the best fit. 

Come visit us at Wanganui Denture Design, where we can take care of all your prosthetic needs. 

Wanganui Denture Design Services:

  • Dentures - We select materials that create false teeth that have a natural appearance, function well, fit perfectly and last.
  • Implant Overdentures - This procedure allows dentures to attach to implants placed in the jaw bone which secures them from unwanted movement and lifting. 
  • Face-lift dentures - We offer the ability to design aesthetically pleasing dentures that take into account your skull and jaw for amazing results.
  • Sports Mouth guards - Custom fabricated mouth guards are far more comfortable and effective at preventing damage to teeth during sports. At Wanganui Denture Design we can help protect your teeth.

Wanganui Denture Design Pricing:

  • Consultations - from $40
  • Single jaw denture - from $1300
  • Both jaw dentures - from $2400
  • Computerized dentures - from $3000
  • Single tooth- from $800
  • Repairs - from $140
  • Retaining- from $400 
  • Professional denture cleaning and polishing- $80