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The Orthodontic Clinic-Mark Savage

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The Orthodontic Clinic 

At The Orthodontic Clinic new patients can expect a specialised experience of one on one care with Dr Mark Savage. As a truly specialised practice patients receive a personalised treatment supported by current orthodontic techniques and technology that ensure comfort, quality and speed. 

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that is concerned with the proper alignment of the teeth. By placing gentle forces on the teeth and jaw an orthodontist is able to move teeth and affect the growth of the jaw. The type of orthodontic treatment that is implemented is determined by the severity of the severity of the misalignment and while braces are very common there are milder options available for less extreme cases.  At the Orthodontic Clinic we believe that better aligned teeth lead to a healthier mouth and a better smile.

The Wanganui Orthodontic Clinic is a specialist orthodontic practice. Orthodontics is our sole specialty and passion. Your General Dentist will continue to handle routine dental work – fillings, extractions, tooth whitening – while we concentrate on your orthodontic needs.This way you can ensure you are getting the best orthodontic treatment as well as your preferred general dentist's care.

Dr Mark Savage - Specialist Orthodontist:

Dr. Mark Savage is our clinic Orthodontist. He graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Otago in 1973, before specialising in orthodontics at the University of Washington. Dr Savage has also lectured at the University of Western Australia and has presented on orthodontics in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Dr Savage returned home to Wanganui in 1989 and has practiced here ever since. As well as caring for patients in the Wanganui and Marton districts, he also treats patients on a monthly basis in Lower Hutt Hospital, dealing with cleft palates and other facial bone problems.

Orthodontic Clinic Services: 

- Metal Braces:

These are standard braces. The orthodontic brackets are made of stainless steel and each one bonds directly to the surface of the tooth. When an archwire is attached into the bracket slot it enables controlled movement of the teeth in all planes of space. Archwires are made of Nickle titanium alloys which provides more gentle forces than old fashioned braces which used stainless steel wires and used to cause more patient discomfort.

- Clear Porcelain Braces:

Damon clear braces are made of porcelain, unlike most tooth coloured braces these braces have no metal clips. Clear braces do the same job as metal braces they are just less obvious and therefore more aesthetic.

- Colours:

Braces are not themselves coloured, but can be “dressed up” with coloured rubber rings (elastomers). These coloured rings are old technology (over 30 years). They can increase the force applied, bind the wires very tightly and make cleaning more difficult.

- Lingual Braces:

While we can provide braces attached to the inside surfaces of the teeth, these are not as comfortable as braces on the outside of the teeth and as they need to be custom made for individual tooth shapes, are more expensive, and can irritate your tongue.

- Invisalign:

We are registered to do Invisalign and also use other brands of clear aligners. Invisalign uses clear trays worn 22 hours a day to gradually move teeth. Each Invisalign tray is changed every 2 weeks. Invisalign is an aesthetic treatment option.

- Functional and other removable appliances

We use a complete range of removable appliances.

Orthodontic Clinic Hours: 

Monday: 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm

Tuesday: 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm

Wednesday: closed

Thursday: 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 5pm