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Bay Endodontics

Bay Endodontics provides specialist endodontic treatments (root canal therapy) to patients in the Bay of Plenty, the clinic maintains state of the art technologies from Germany, USA and Australia for endodontic surgeries. 

Bay Endodontics procedures are undertaken using a Zeiss operating microscope and patients sit comfortably in Adec dental chairs. Bay Endodontics also utilises 3D and digital x-ray machines to decrease radiation exposure for patients.

Bay Endodontics provides the highest quality endodontic services in the Bay of Plenty. 

Bay Endodontics Team:

Darrly Violich - Endodontist
Darryl has worked for more than 20 years in general dentistry in NZ before specialising in endodontics through additional study (DCD) at the University of Otago. Darryl is passionate about dentistry and loves endodontics, he understands that root canals are all about maintaing natural teeth and believes that there is no substitute to natural teeth. Darryl is the only endodontist in the Bay of Plenty.

Greer Thomsen - Dental Nurse
Greer enjoys the exciting career of dental assisting and is passionate about education.

Bay Endodontics Treatments:

Bay Endodontics specialises in endodontic (root canal) treatments and offers a full range of treatments including;

Conventional Root Therapy - opening the crown then cleaning and shaping the pulp chambers and canals before sealing the tooth for the healing process.

Re-treatment - in a small number of cases patients still feel pain after treatments, in this case re-treatment is necessary involving removal of old materials.

Apical Surgery - performed in less than 2% of cases, removing the tips of roots or surrounding bone due to resistant infection, also used to repair roots damaged due to chronic infection. 

Pulp Preservation - pulp is responsible for most of the early growth in teeth, direct capping of pulp following trauma helps preserve the vitality of teeth.

Bleaching - internally bleaching discoloured teeth in order to match other teeth.