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Chris Robertson | Dunedin Orthodontist

Dr Chris Robertson is an orthodontist based in Dunedin. He has provided treatment to his patients over many years. 

Dr Robertson provides braces to patients young and old. Dr Robertson has a special interest in Sleep Medicine and has gained much respect from around the world with his research, and novel ideas on the treatment of sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea.

As well as providing braces to his own Dunedin private patients, Dr Robertson also tutors postgraduate orthodontic students at the University of Otago Dental School. Additionally, Dr Robertson offers orthodontic services to patients in Oamaru.

Outside of the Orthodontic office, Dr Robertson spends time with his family and in the past has been a successful competitor in running events such as the Kepler Challenge as well as playing a high level rugby for Otago in his younger years.

Chris Robertson | Orthodontic Braces | Dunedin Orthodontist

Metal Braces

These are standard braces. The orthodontic brackets are made of stainless steel and each one bonds directly to the surface of the tooth. When an archwire is attached into the bracket slot it enables controlled movement of the teeth in all planes of space. Archwires nowadays are made of different materials which provide more gentle forces than old fashioned braces and provide more patient comfort.

Clear Porcelain Braces

Clear braces do the same job as metal braces they are just less obvious and therefore more aesthetic.


Braces are not themselves coloured, but can be “dressed up” with coloured rubber rings (elastomers). 

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