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15 Nov , 2015  

Orthodontics, the straightening of teeth, is sometimes unaffordable for some families. The cost of orthodontics and the increased social pressures of appearance have created a do it at home tooth straightening trend on YouTube. The basic procedure is to tie an elastic around teeth to pull them together. DIY orthodontics to straighten your teeth at home for free, but what is the catch?

It is thought that, to successfully move teeth, a constant light force needs to be applied. A tooth moves through bone by its resorption on the compression side of the periodontal ligament (ligament around tooth) and by formation of new bone on the tension side. When braces are used to move teeth, light forces are applied to the teeth via brackets bonded to the crowns of the teeth, through which arch wires run. These wires apply controlled forces and cause the teeth to move in a planned manner and direction so that they can carefully control the process of tooth movement. The bracket and wire combination allows control of the crown of the tooth as well as the root of the tooth. The lack of control is like a seesaw. If one end goes one way the other end will go the other way. If we pull back on the crown of the tooth, the root of the tooth will tip forward. When an orthodontist fits braces, the type of brackets, their position and their associated wires are carefully selected specifically for each individual case. If an orthodontist did not pay particular attention to the specifics of each case, teeth roots could be pushed/pulled through the bone that house them, leading to terrible consequences.

As you can imagine trying to straighten teeth without careful tooth movement control can be a great tooth extraction tool! DIY orthodontics can also make it hard for oral hygiene maintenance, closing spaces can cause opening of spaces between other teeth and damage to gums and teeth can be irreversible. This can result in a great deal of pain for patients and, if still possible, expensive to fix.

It is strongly advised by the team at FillingGaps to not get tempted to try this trending practice on YouTube of straightening your teeth at home for free. Sadly, if something looks too good to be true it usually is. Straightening teeth is a complex process and we recommend you find a  New Zealand Orthodontist on FillingGaps to help meet all of your teeth straightening needs.

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