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FillingGaps’ Top 5 Tips for your NZ Summer

14 Dec , 2015  

  1. Keep your toothpaste handy! Not only will it look after your teeth after all those sweet treats at Christmas, but you can smear a small amount onto mosquito bites to help take away the itch. Toothpaste’s anti-inflammatory properties and ingredients like menthol and baking soda work a treat for minimising a mosquito bite’s itch.


  1. Time for tooth whitening! After a cold winter of red wine and coffee drinking, tooth whitening is a great option for a whiter brighter smile. Tooth whitening, administered by a dental professional is safe and effective at expelling staining molecules from the tooth’s surface. Whitening can be performed at your dental practice as a one off treatment or as a take home product using custom made trays. For more information visit


  1. Toothbrushes make a great stocking filler! Make sure they are soft bristled, and if you are feeling particularly generous why not an electric toothbrush? Try avoid the cheapest versions as they tend not to last very long.


  1. Watch what you eat! Pork crackling is a tooth’s worst nightmare. We don’t suggest banning the kiwi pork crackling favourite but we do recommend you chew carefully and if possible on teeth with fewer fillings. If you hear the dreaded sound of a tooth cracking then a good tip is locate some wax (wax off soft cheese can work) which you can push onto any jagged edge to prevent your tongue and cheek ulcerating. Do make sure you visit to locate a dentist near you for a long-term solution.


  1. Help! If you need emergency dental work, can help. Each New Zealand city has dentists who offer online appointment booking. Type in your location and click the online booking button. Alternatively search through our dentists who offer emergency services.

Have a fantastic Christmas and summer break from the FillingGaps Team.

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