What is a diastema?

A diastema is a gap between the upper 2 front teeth (central incisors). It can vary in size.

What causes a diastema?

A diastema can occur from general spacing in the upper jaw (small teeth or large jaw), from a frenum (fold of skin) extending from under the upper lip to behind the front teeth, and from periodontal disease. If a diastema first formed at a young age the cause is either general spacing in the upper jaw or from an attached frenum. A diastema that develops in adulthood is generally due to periodontal disease where the loss of tooth support leads to tooth mobility and drifting.

How can I close my diastema?

There are a few options to consider when closing a diastema. If the cause of the space is periodontal disease, the periodontal disease needs to be first treated and stabilised before any diastema remedies can be undertaken.

A diastema can be closed using orthodontics (braces). This option moves teeth to close the space. If the gap is caused by an attached frenum, the teeth are moved together and before braces are removed an experienced dentist or oral surgeon/maxillofacial surgeon will cut the frenum (frenectomy) to prevent the teeth moving back apart when the braces are removed.

Another way to close a diastema is to disguise it by enlarging the front teeth. A dentist or prosthodontist will often take an impression of your teeth to make a stone model replica. Wax is then applied to the stone model to enlarge the teeth. The dentist or prosthodontist can decide whether enlarging the front teeth is an aesthetic option or whether the teeth will appear to square. If enlarging the teeth is an option, composite veneers or porcelain veneers will be advised.

How much does closing a diastema cost?

The cost of closing a front space depends on the chosen treatment approach. A general idea of cost for each option can be found below:

  • Orthodontics $5000 – $10000
  • Composite veneers $250 – $900 (depends on dentist’s experience and amount of detail and colour layering)
  • Porcelain veneers $ 1100 – $1800

To find a New Zealand dentist/orthodontist/prosthodontist/oral surgeon/maxillofacial surgeon/periodontist near you who can help close a diastema please visit www.fillinggaps.co.nz

Closed diastema after orthodontics

Closed diastema after orthodontics


Open diastema at the start

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