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Flossing is a waste of time!

4 Apr , 2016  

Flossing is a waste of time

Recently media articles have reported that there is no need to floss as the benefit of flossing has not been scientifically proven. The media is partly correct that yes there needs to be better scientific studies in this area but no you still should use some sort of interproximal tooth cleaning aid. Previous studies have […]

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Limit visits to the Dentist

1 Jan , 2016  


Clever ways to prevent unplanned visits to the Dentist in 2016 Many of us take time with our families over the holidays to reflect on the year gone by and to make plans for the future with New Year’s resolutions. Looking back over the past year, did it include a trip to a dentist? I hope […]

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Saving money

14 Sep , 2015  

More cash in your pocket

Saving money with prevention By far the easiest way to save money is to prevent dental problems before they arise. After all, you don’t have to pay for a problem you don’t have. However, many people have the habit of visiting their dentists only when a problem arises in their mouth. Often when pain brings you to […]

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Lemon water

27 Aug , 2015  

Dental erosion from lemon water There is a current trend amongst health enthusiasts to add squeezed lemon to water for a number of health benefits. However often it is not appreciated that lemons can actually be doing your teeth great harm, even if diluted in a large amount of water! What is dental erosion? Dental erosion […]

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Hydrogen Peroxide

31 Jul , 2015  

Hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, oxidises into water and oxygen when it reacts with certain chemicals. This makes it a very effective cleaning agent in some cases and why it is commonly found in first aid kits to clean cuts and as an additive in household cleaners and detergents. it seems that some believe you can swish […]

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Charcoal and Teeth Whitening

31 Jul , 2015  

Activated charcoal, the ingestible version of charcoal, seems to be growing in popularity as a method of tooth whitening at home. The rationale behind this is that activated charcoal attracted to a group of found compounds called tannins which are prevalent in staining foods like coffee, as such it binds with stains and makes them […]

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31 Jul , 2015  

Fluoride and particularly water fluoridation where the chemical fluoride is added to water supplies seems to be a frightening prospect for some. However, the vast majority of dentists, and the Ministry of Health agree that fluoride is a very valuable tool in promoting oral health.   Fluoride strengthens your teeth by preventing demineralisation of the […]