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How to find an emergency dentist during Level 4 Covid-19 lock down

13 Apr , 2020  


What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new infectious disease with clinical signs and symptoms ranging from a fever and cough, to shortness of breath and symptoms of pneumonia. Most Coronavirus cases have mild illness, with a smaller proportion requiring hospitalisation (mainly due to pneumonia). What dental issues could we expect during lock down? […]


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Flossing is a waste of time!

4 Apr , 2016  

Flossing is a waste of time

Recently media articles have reported that there is no need to floss as the benefit of flossing has not been scientifically proven. The media is partly correct that yes there needs to be better scientific studies in this area but no you still should use some sort of interproximal tooth cleaning aid. Previous studies have […]

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Limit visits to the Dentist

1 Jan , 2016  


Clever ways to prevent unplanned visits to the Dentist in 2016 Many of us take time with our families over the holidays to reflect on the year gone by and to make plans for the future with New Year’s resolutions. Looking back over the past year, did it include a trip to a dentist? I hope […]

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FillingGaps’ Top 5 Tips for your NZ Summer

14 Dec , 2015  

Fillinggaps top 5 tips

Keep your toothpaste handy! Not only will it look after your teeth after all those sweet treats at Christmas, but you can smear a small amount onto mosquito bites to help take away the itch. Toothpaste’s anti-inflammatory properties and ingredients like menthol and baking soda work a treat for minimising a mosquito bite’s itch.   […]

Tooth alignment

Straighten your teeth at home for free

15 Nov , 2015  

Straighten teeth

Orthodontics, the straightening of teeth, is sometimes unaffordable for some families. The cost of orthodontics and the increased social pressures of appearance have created a do it at home tooth straightening trend on YouTube. The basic procedure is to tie an elastic around teeth to pull them together. DIY orthodontics to straighten your teeth at […]

Dental toothache

Toothache home remedies

9 Nov , 2015  


Can I use home remedies for my toothache? Toothaches can range from mild pain to severe unbearable throbbing pain. The cause of a toothache can vary, however a few reasons for toothache can be found in the toothache post. If you have a toothache, it is best to immediately see your dentist for a comprehensive exam […]

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Saving money

14 Sep , 2015  

More cash in your pocket

Saving money with prevention By far the easiest way to save money is to prevent dental problems before they arise. After all, you don’t have to pay for a problem you don’t have. However, many people have the habit of visiting their dentists only when a problem arises in their mouth. Often when pain brings you to […]

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Lemon water

27 Aug , 2015  

Dental erosion from lemon water There is a current trend amongst health enthusiasts to add squeezed lemon to water for a number of health benefits. However often it is not appreciated that lemons can actually be doing your teeth great harm, even if diluted in a large amount of water! What is dental erosion? Dental erosion […]

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Dental products

10 Aug , 2015  

Toothbrush and paste

What dental products should I use? Maintaining good oral health is cheap and simple. People often believe that dentistry is expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, if you don’t spend time cleaning your teeth at home, have a high sugar diet and don’t visit a dental professional regularly then dentistry will certainly be expensive […]

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Bad breath – Halitosis

3 Aug , 2015   Video

Bad Breath

What is bad breath? Bad breath is medically known as halitosis. Bad breath is a build up of sulphur compounds from bacteria breaking down proteins. These compounds form an unpleasant odour, which is often worst after sleeping. It is  difficult for anyone to detect whether they themselves have halitosis. The best way to check if […]

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